It’s what we don’t do…


Vitasoy’s soybeans are all Australian grown, never imported from the USA, Brazil or China

Soybeans that are grown in Australia are not allowed to be genetically modified and at Vitasoy, we don’t use imported soybeans. You can rest assured that all Vitasoy soymilks are made with 100% Australian-grown, non-GM soybeans.

Vitasoy soy farms


Vitasoy soymilks are made from whole soybeans, never from soy protein isolate powder

Soymilk can be made from either whole soybeans or soy protein isolate powder. Vitasoy only use the whole soybean in the manufacturing process of all its soymilks. We prefer the natural goodness of the bean that has been through simple processing and never use imported soy protein isolate powder.

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Vitasoy soymilks are all made in regional Victoria, never overseas

Our state-of-the-art production facility is in Baranduda near Wodonga, Victoria. Soybeans are sent from eastern Australia to the site where they’re crafted into Vitasoy’s range of delicious soymilks. We’re proud to support regional communities and keep food miles to a minimum.


Vitasoy has a soymilk for every occasion and taste, so you’ll never miss out

With three ranges of soymilks, there is a Vitasoy soymilk for every taste and occasion. Try Soy Milky for the goodness of soy with a milky taste; our flagship organic bean range for an authentic soy flavour or our Café soymilks for the perfect soy latte.

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